Sara: A Fallen Tree

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Sara is just like a fallen tree which is shown in above picture. Alive but cannot stand on her own feet. Sara’s life is a little different since she came into her cave. It means she has a significant decrease in her interaction with others. Yes, her feeling and love are totally true and divine which has taken a toll on her psychological and physiological status. Sara has a hard time trusting others. Her faith is shattered in multi-millions of pieces. Of course, Ahmed knew it would happen. Some people take those feelings just to have fun and play around but Sara thinks a different way. Her thoughts are still linked to 14 or 15th century so that is why it has taken so badly on her.
Destruction is already done. Everything is too late now. Is she trying to reach or find Ahmed now? No, she is not anymore. She is already gone into her cave which nobody could bring her back. Does she forget Ahmed? No, never, she won’t forget him. His love and memories will go with her in the grave. Once Ahmed has saluted her for her courage and achievements, but he is the one taken everything away from her. She blames herself and Ahmed both for her destruction.
She has chosen the path of honesty and refuses to lie. Guess, she would be the happiest woman if she was going to lie as was told. Ahmed has caused the rest of destruction by abandoning her even by knowing Sara won’t be able to survive. So, he knowingly killed her.
So please stop saying, “I could do this one for you or I should not do that one for you”. It is too late now. She is quiet now. She has given up her life which includes personal, social, and professional life. Sara says, “Bubby, there is nothing left so I could give it to you. You have taken already everything away from me. Yes, I am still breathing but my last breath will be on your name. I am not angry or mad at anybody who did or doing or will do wrong with me. I have forgiven everybody. I have left on God to decide”.
Sara feels like a useless life who came to the earth for nothing. What a shame Ahmed? Love has killed somebody alive. She is a walking dead body. Since Ahmed is gone, she refuses to attend any social event which does not matter how important were.
Sara is happy living her isolation life. She doesn’t have the courage to step out of the house. She makes planning but just cannot come out. Her mind has become worse than a child’s mind who wait for someone to hold on. The child could trust somebody but unfortunately, it is hard for Sara to trust somebody. She doesn’t know what is right or wrong, so this is another reason she just has decided to be by herself because she doesn’t want to hurt others.
Sara leaves the house when she is really hurting but she doesn’t where to go. Sometimes she just stops at the parking lot of Sai Baba Ji temple, a local mosque, gurudwara, and church but she never goes inside. She has not a choice left except return to her cave. Sara sometimes mentions this movement, “Enjoying the music and rain. Her rain is both inside and outside the car”.
In her good mood, she communicates with only one person because there is no emotional connection but there is a connection. She loves giving that boring person a hard time. But suddenly she just remembers Ahmed, and she becomes so sad. Sara says, “I wish I did not have an emotional connection with Ahmed and I was never going to hurt. He was never going to abandon her”.
So please think before you say anything to her. Your words are not making any difference to her anymore. It is too late. She doesn’t need anybody’s help because there was nobody when she asked. So why now. She is good to share her stories with others so just read and learn some lesson.

To be continued……………………

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