Is He Really Coward or Dead?

Image from StellaCraze

Sara is very sad today. Her eyes are wet. Her voice is heavy. She is working but she tries to avoid each situation which may bring her tears out of her eyes. Her co-workers already get used to her suddenly crying. They do their best to help her. They won’t let her sit alone. Anyway, few shifts have left until her last day at work. Nobody has to deal with her anymore. Sara get often confused if Ahmed is really alive? If alive why he doesn’t reach her? Does he really a bad person as many described him? Or does he really scared? Does he afraid of something? Does someone threaten him? Or have he really changed? or Have he sold his soul?

The man She has loved so many years, was not like this. She is so down today. Upcoming wedding in the family which Ahmed suppose to attend with her or she is afraid to face familiar faces. Or she is disturbed who would select her clothes for the wedding. Ahmed used to select her clothes the night before any event. She is confused as hell again. Her mind and heart are so sad. You can see her eyes are full of the tears. She looks around but there is nobody she could trust. She has loved and trusted only one person in her life. She has worn the necklace with his initials which are close to her heart. Is that necklace disturbing her mind?

However, she continues to pretend so nobody could figure it out if there are both raining and tornadoes in her brain and heart causing the destruction.

Sara says, ” I miss my parents so badly today”.

To be continued

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