A Nightmare

Image from Arras-France.com

Sara is up on the top of the mountain with her two boys. As she looks up at the sky, she has felt a danger. The color of the sky was bright blood color with some orange shades instead of sky-blue color. She calls out immediately, “hey come on boys time to go down”. First, Inayat ran towards her, followed by her doggy boy wiggling his tail. Sara told the boys, “listen, kids, we need to make it as quickly so we will use our neighbor’s waterfall to go down.” Both boys have looked at her eyes as saying, “Are you kidding us, mom?”
Sara has felt the imminent threat as she looks up the sky. She looks down toward the two options. One is a neighbor’s waterfall, and other is her own snow-filled trail surrounding by some small bushes. Rest of the mountain and downslope is full of white snow and shining ice. She sees many people going down via the waterfall. She surprises to see many people because she and her kids are alone on the top of the mountain. Where those people came from? However, solving the mystery is not her priority than the kids’ safety. Sara looks around and has come up with the plan. She finds the wood and quickly gives it a shape of the board.
Next thing, she lies down on the top of the wood and bent her both knees up to make a safe seat for her both little boys. Before even she calls them, both have given her a beautiful smile, and sit on her tummy while holding to her knees to support themselves. Three of them has supported each other while Sara let the board slide down. Both boys enjoy the ride down. They seem very happy and excited. But Sara is scared when she looks up at the sky. She is so anxious to go down. She doesn’t know how long they are continued to slide some turbulence. Finally, they reach the other small snowy mountain. Suddenly, she sees a small cottage so, she starts running toward it. Both boys keep following her. They enter the cottage. One room fort type cottage without any windows is left abandoned by somebody. She took both kids inside and locked the door. She tucks both boys in the blanket. Sara looks through the keyhole. There are blocks of snow and fire falling from the sky at the same time. It looks very scary. She thanks to God and sleep along with the boys.
Suddenly she wakes up with the loud voice which is very familiar. She wakes up the boys and tells them, “wake up boys, your dad is here”. Three of them ran toward the hill. The doggy boy leads ahead of them barking toward Ahmed when Sara and Inayat try to slow him down. Suddenly a bullet comes from nowhere, which went through her doggy boy who is now fallen on the white snow with his red blood everywhere. She grabs Inayat and hides him underneath her while lying down on the snow. Sara screams loudly as the other bullet come which penetrate Ahmed. She continues to scream loudly until her daughter came to wake her up. “Mom wakes up, wake up, you are having a nightmare again”. Sara opens her eyes and finds herself on her bed. She is totally drenched. She is scared. She finds everybody in the picture frame and comes to the real world and figuring out it was another bad dream.
She used to get nightmares before she met Ahmed . However, She used to  get the nightmare only when she had a fight with Ahmed. However, she also used to call him right away to tell her nightmare because of her belief that nightmare won’t come true if you share with somebody.

To be continued…………………………………

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