Four Thieves

Image sent by a friend

Once upon a time, a woman name ” Sara” had four thieves. All of them came in her life one at a time. However, they have not left in the same sequence. She loves her thieves so much even most of them are already gone from her life. All thieves are still very important to her. They had stolen certain things from her.
One has stolen her food since he had learned how to crawl. She never minded it but smiled at him. He liked smiling back at her as she used to catch him in the middle of the action or red-handed. He is grown up but continues to steal her food. He still tries to say no, ” I have not stolen your food” but he won’t forget to give her same smile.
Her 2nd thief likes to steal something else, but this won’t regret stealing her stuff. The thief has a special time for stealing especially when Sara sleeps or at work. This thief doesn’t dare to hide or afraid to get caught. Sara finds out only when she sees her 2nd thief wearing her cashmere sweater or her long dresses and will sleep like a little princess. This thief is so pretty that Sara will smile and hug her this lovely thief. Her thief won’t hesitate to answer, “you wanted a daughter to deal with it, my lady”.
Her 3rd thieve is gone to heaven. He was the most favorite one. He liked to steal in his own way. He liked to steal by showing his tremendous love, or wiggling his tail, or just making his innocent face. He used to steal more than half of Sara’s food. She even could not realize how much and when he already stole it from her. But brightness in his eyes used to make Sara happy. She wishes now, “Can you come boy to steal some food now”.
Her 4th thief also loves stealing from her. He is the biggest thief. He loves stealing everything which he likes it. He never asks her permission either. She also gives him a smile, love, and affection back. He also used to call Sara, “my lady”. He has stolen her heart but refuses to return it. He stole her nightmares but returned with some good dreams. This thief finally stole everything from her which include her happiness, life, dreams, peace, and her entire world. But she still loves her this thief.

Since two of her thieves left, Sara has created a distance from other thieves. Just the fear. Fear to loose other thieves.

To be continued. 


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