Sara: Upset and Angry

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She is angry @ herself and @ ahmed, & @ her love and feeling. Sara was grown up physically. She is smart and intelligent. However, her emotional state was stopped at the age of 16. Sara could not recall certain years of her life. Those years are blank. Ahmed knows very well why those years are blank in Sara’s life. Sara was reborn when Ahmed came in her life. Ahmed has brought Sara back. He has given her happiness. She was able to sleep peacefully. Her nightmares were gone. He brought her back in this world but then left her alone to fight herself. How many questions she must answer every day? Yes, one of Sara’s brother was very upset. Of course, he is right. Do you think Sara was writing a blog today if Ahmed would have shown some courage to protect her love? Do you think a woman who never liked to talk with anybody expressing her feelings in front of the entire world today? Who’s this fault is? A. Ahmed Khan’s fault because he failed to provide justice and left a helpless woman to beg and look for her love everywhere. I am responsible too. Sara is also responsible. Why the hell she just doesn’t forget him and don’t move forward in her life? Nope, she cannot do it because she is emotionally dependent on him. Don’t forget Ahmed hold an arm of a grown-up woman who was stuck on her emotional state of 16 years old. Now I wonder why she is so devastated. It is not love only but it is beyond of love. Even he left her to die but she still has a belief one day his Ahmed come to rescue her. My question is where he will rescue her: from the graveyard or from the dementia Alzheimer unit? Ahmed unable to recognize her love or he is coward. It does not matter anymore.

Sara has reached in the state where nobody could rescue her except Ahmed. He has the capacity to bring her back, but Sara has refused for his help. Should she forgive him and others who made a promise with her but failed to keep it?. Sara can’t die because she love to die every day. Anybody has seen her tears? Of course, Ahmed has seen but those were nothing. Her tears do not drip now. Her tears pore from the eyes continuously. God counts each tear which drips from the woman’s eye which is given by a man. How god will count the tears which just pores like heavy rain. Sara continues to lose her memory. This is the reason she starts to write quickly. I think one day she will forget everybody except for one person. Yes, this is a perfect time to pull Sara back from her cave.
She cries twice a day for two hours. She screams loudly while calling Ahmed and God and asking the same question, “what was my fault? I just love him mucho”. She is confused as hell. Her faith in Islam was shattered since Ahmed left. She was his soul wife then why he failed? Is he true muslim?

She forgets her own house. She doesn’t recall how and when she drives to work. Certain times she doesn’t recall certain words. She cannot see properly from her eyes. She lives in stress and her BP skyrocketing, but she refuse to take treatment. She is not suicidal or homicidal, but she is pushing herself to isolation.
She cannot keep friendship with anybody. She just finds the reason to fight with others. Ahmed, show the courage to save your love before she goes more down. Save her before her curse or tears and sacrifice destroy you completely. You are hiding from her? Come in front of her and answer the questions? You know her very well. You know her soul more than her. You also know she is just stubborn like you. Don’t blame her if she comes one day and asks the same question from the parents instead of you. I am not sure if both of your love is only to destroy each other. People could mislead her. She still loves you even you abandoned her. She has sacrificed her desire and has made a promise. She continues to keep the promise, but you fail to keep promise with her. stopping the further destruction in your hands because Sara is not the same as you left her. she continues to decline, and she lost in the world.
She won’t be accountable for her onward actions. The peaceful action.

to be continued

Next: Sara’s for thieves.

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