The Man of Few Words

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Sara has requested to bold the first paragraph. Her way to pay a tribute to a highly educated but a man of few word who has shown Sara some logical facts or the reality. It is not important going to the school for year to learn something, and at end you come out of the school scratching your head. Sara is emotionally down but she still learn quickly. 

Sara Says, ” I have met a practical who is a man of few words. Who claimed to be honest? I cannot make a judgment just texting the person for 3 days. Of course, this friend is boring. His conversation was so straight. Some of his words were so harsh. However, he made me smile for 3 days. He is a highly educated person. I cannot say he is a perfect man on this earth because nobody could know the person in 3 days. His harsh words have shown me the path of reality. Today, I went back to my cave due to him. I won’t come out until I am ready to come out of this cave. I am not agreed with many of his philosophy. However, I am thanked full to him showing the right direction. This is the first person I met since this happened, who has not asked anything from me. However, He did offer me help to be mediate and encourage to reunite with my love and advise me to be loyal with my love. The only person who was willing to help me, but I kindly refused it. Ahmed will come to me if he really loves me. I will wait for him forever. He won’t be questioned. Yes, I have desire meeting Ahmed’s parents. One day my desire will be fulfilled soon. So, my message to this strange friend: The each word has strength. Everybody could have a different meaning of each word. However, all those few words could make a sentences. A single world has strength but collection of those words make the complete sentence. Can you imaging what will be the power of the statement?  \ One word sometimes makes a great difference in our lives. How about the statement could change the entire scenario?

Sara says, ” No doubt, I and Ahmed are the perfect couple. Many have passed the comments, “made for each other”. Ahmed has told me many times that “we are the perfect couple”. Ahmed never allowed me to call his girlfriend or mistress. He used to get so angry. Yes, he did accept me as his soul wife witnessed by Almighty. Our relationship does not belong to this century. They will not end up either. Even one of us will die but won’t separate the soul. We are each other’s love. Ahmed could totally refuse it now. I can read his facial expression and can penetrate his heart. He could act as the happiest person on the earth. However, an only woman has reached close to his heart and brain. The one woman could read the sadness behind his pretending to smile lips and eyes. I heard many bad qualities about him but only after separation. Only one person in the force was not ready to read his name without Sri Ahmed. No doubt he is a very intelligent and brilliant top cop. Despite his bad qualities, Ahmed was the only who has loved me without thinking that I am from a different faith. He never told me to adopt Islam, so this was the reason our marriage was arranged in the courthouse. Ahmed was the only who has accepted as who I am. He never forced me to do anything except speaking a lie which I have refused. He has become coward, but I have the courage to tell the people, “Yes, he is the love of my life”. People know what he did. Many of them may be saluting him multiple times a day. They might be thinking who we are saluting: A coward a person who could not protect his own love. He could not protect his own personal things such as passport and phone. Well, the wise man said, “the house never succeeds where the woman is in charge”.

Sara says, ” Anyway, today is not about Ahmed. Today I would like to talk about the people whom I met, or I expected to get some help. Before, this happened I never left the home. People might be used to call me a selfish person because I never talked with anybody except Ahmed. Today, I am writing on the blogger is due to Ahmed. He failed to contain the fire which has destroyed our dreams and lives. I never met anybody personally, but I did approach some people whom I thought could help me. I am not in my proper mental or psychological state as of today. I can still make a hard decision at my work because they are professional. However, I am not in the state to make the decision which was asked from me while I was looking for help, instead of helping me, I was asked to do many strange things. Some have a marriage offer for me, some want to be friend, and some want me to donate, and some want to come to the USA, and some claimed to be fell in love, and some of them ask for directly money. None of them thought with their brain that the woman is completely broken, and she is in the state to make any decision. Can you blame her if she said to “yes” to finance you? “

To be continued

Next, ” Sara’s current psychological state”.

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