Sara is a mother of daughters

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Sara is the mother of beautiful daughters. Two of them live in the East with their biological mother. Sara loves them as her own daughter. Both daughters are young kids. They are minor. One of them is cry baby like just Sara. Sara tells me, “They fight with each other, one of them cry, the next five minutes, you see them playing together. I am not the mother who would tell her kids that I love them. They should feel my love for them. I have given a priceless and wonderful give to both my daughters. Of, course they did not ask from me but somebody else had used them for their own greed. They are the prettiest daughters. They are very innocent. God bless them. I can just bless them. Once I had a dream, they will join me in the West. They are smart but they are still learning. They need to learn a lot. I will give all my daughters a special gift, “A special book” which they don’t need to know now. They need to get enough mature to read my book so they can know the reality. They deserve to know the truth. They need to make their own decision. They need to know the real pictures of the people surrounding them. They need to know what is best for them. At this time, I pray to God, please let them enjoy their childhood, let them grow normally. Please God helps my beautiful daughters to be a grounded individual. I pray to God make them a perfect but don’t let them follow their parents’ path. God bless them”.
Sara says, “I have another daughter who lives with me in the West. She is innocent. She has taken my look. She is a sweetheart just as the meaning of her name. I did have some difference with my mother. So, I have tried raising my daughter this way so I could eliminate those difference of generation gap. I have a given my daughter an independent life. I have allowed her to chose and live what is best for her. I wonder why she is so emotionally stronger than me”.
Sara proudly says, “She is my silly daughter. She is born and raised in the West, so she is a typical American teenager. I have unknowingly passed some my part of my genetic personality to her which once I acquired from my father. She doesn’t like to live in the West, so want to settle down somewhere in Europe. She is full of confidence. I have raised her how to survive in this world. Whatever she was taught she has learned very quickly”.
“My silly girl is not into the sports at all. I tried my best to be a soccer mom but no way, she  could not loves sports. She loves writing a song and she loves to sing. She had a dream to do acting. I could not fulfill her dream. She knows it and she never blamed me why she is not allowed to do acting. I stood with her where she needed me. I still try to be as much as I could be with her but the current condition has changed us dramatically. I never force her to choose her career. I let her make her own decision. As a typical teenager, she was also confused about what she wants to be when growing up. Finally, she has made her own decision. I could not believe it when she told me that she has applied in the university for neuropsychology.”
Sara says, “My daughter never liked the medical profession. Why does she want to do neuro-psychology? She is very vocalized, so she won’t hesitate to speak the truth and does not matter you like it or not. She is not dependent on her mother like me. She is just like, “don’t mess with me”. I always tell her, “not to bully anybody and don’t allow to be bullied yourself. I give her an easy life, but she needs to learn what is the value of this life. She needs to grow with this evolving world”.
“I will always regret in my life that I could not spend enough time with her. She knows my regression which she doesn’t care. She shares all her secret with me. Sometimes she treats me as a friend but respects me being my great daughter. She is a very charming beautiful girl.  She will find her way to interact with you. People love her due to her unique way of talking. She doesn’t speak my native language, and she doesn’t know my culture. But she knows I am her mother and she gives me all the respect and love she could do with her little brain but big heart”
Sara says, “she knows what is right or wrong. I am glad she is not like me. She has the ability to tell me if I am wrong or right. She lost her father immediately after her first birthday. We never celebrated her birthday. Ahmed loves her so much. She loves him so much. She thinks he is a God-given father. Both get along with each other a lot. This time both father and daughter had decided to celebrate her birthday and had invited her friends, but nobody picked her cake from the bakery though. I did not know when she canceled the party”
Sara says, “I don’t share with her. but she doesn’t leave me alone at all. She has become my shadow since this happened. She is too young to take care of me. She keeps her eyes on me. I know now I have not raised a shy and weak daughter. You can hear only her voice in the house. She thinks she is the only adult left in this house which I think she is correct on her statement.”
Sara says, “God bless her along with my other two beautiful daughters. Daughters are the daughters. It does not matter they are born from your womb. They need love and blessing. They deserve happiness”.

To be continued————–
“ The man of few words”

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