Once I Was A Daughter

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Sara says, ” Once I was a daughter. I had a wonderful childhood. I was being loved despite being a little mean girl. My parents had given me everything. I wonder why I love talking about my childhood. Nothing was too worried about and just used to play all day long. I was a daughter, but I was raised as a tomboy. I was an overprotected child but had given the opportunity to grow”.
Sara smiles and says, ” Mum and dad always had an argument about how to raise their daughter. One of them ended up taking my side if I had made any mistake. Mom always told my father that, ” Can you teach her how to face this world instead of teaching your principles”. Both had proud of their loving daughter. I always did my best to make them proud”.
Sara says, ” My mother had chosen all my clothes until I moved to the West. The pink color was her favorite so most of the clothes were ended up having some pink color in it. It did not matter to her if my favorite color were red and blue. She had a very good taste in selecting the clothes. However, I had preferred just my jeans and a shirt. Sometimes we did have an argument about the clothes. My mother always used to advise me to learn how to cook instead of playing all day long”.
Sara says, ” My mother had the desire to have a daughter, but I had the desire to be my father’s tomboy. I always tell mother, ” Mom you have me 14 years. Can I be my father’s daughter for while?” Mom had no objection. I did not know what she knew. She knew that my father was a guest of this world for a few more years. My father was gone to heaven two years after this conversation with her.”
Sara says, ” I was an obedient daughter. I did whatever my mother had wished. She had sent me to the school, and I gave a mark sheet with the highest score, and #11 at the state level and # 4 at the district level in the 10th-grade state board exam. She sent me to the playground, and I won many gold medals for her. I had given her a proud being a mother of the first girl in the northern region who became a black belt holder”.
Sara remembers, ” I had done what my mother told me to do even I was not agreed with many of her decision. She did her best to do the job of being a mother. I tried to do my best being a daughter. We were North and South. Both of us had a different taste, behavior, and hobbies. Nobody could tell if we were mother and daughter because I had adopted my father’s personality and his features”.
Sara recalls, “Mom told me to go to West when I was too young to leave the house. There was nothing left for me in the East, so I picked up my bag and landed in a different part of the world. My other mother welcomed me to my new house. A beautiful woman on this earth, my mother-in-law who played the role of my mother for the next 7 years. She taught me how to cook and do household things. She taught me the rest of the stuff which my mom could not do it. However, both mothers could not teach me how to stitch or sew or knit or do any tailoring work”.
Sara said sadly, ” I was always being protected either one of my mothers. Both went to heaven. The Western mother left before my Eastern mother. They had handed over me to each other. There is no doubt I had loved my mother-in-law more than my mother which sometimes my mother did not like it all”.
Sara’s voice became so heavy and her tears start dripping as she said, ” Mom handed me over to Ahmed before she died so her daughter could be protected. There was nobody left to watch me over, so God had sent Ahmed. Before mom took the last breath, I was safe and secured with Ahmed. He kept me safe and secure until now. Ahmed did what mom used to do it for me. Even he went to my temple many times on my birthdays or I was not feeling good. He went to pray in the temple for my wellness.”

“But He has left me unprotected. Believe me, if my mother was alive today. She was going to reprimand Ahmed for his ignorance. She was brave enough to find Ahmed and make him ask sorry from me for my tears and pain”.

To be continued
Next, Sara is the mother of beautiful daughters.

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