What is Sara’s Faith?

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The hardship in life help recognizing faith, feelings, family, and friends. The truth comes in front of us. We face the reality which some recognize it well but some have a hard time to digest the truth. The people who accept reality could make adjustments easily, and they move forward in their life. Some struggle a lot and ends up taking all the pain to the grave. Even they know the truth but they don’t want to hurt again. It hurt like a hell when your belief and feelings fell apart. Easy for me or you to say, “get over”. Can we look into the heart of the person to measure his or her pain? Of course, not. Everyone hurt sometimes in their life. It hurt more when the pain has given knowingly by your beloved one.

Sara says, ” Ahmed knows I will fell apart and won’t able to live without him. But he still did it. He has abandoned me.”

Yes, this is true. Sara should not be in this place if Ahmed had shown some courage. Sara could not have a devastating condition if Ahmed has used his brilliant brain. He thinks that he is the most intelligent person on the earth but Sara says, “nope, he is coward, unfaithful, and without any brain”.

Okay, beware only Sara could choose those words for Ahmed. Don’t try to use anything negative about Ahmed. Sara mostly becomes violent and aggressive against the person if someone says anything bad to Ahmed.

She always says, ” I will beat him with my shoes”. But we know she won’t do it because she loves him a lot.

Sara says, ” what will be different from me and them if I would have done the same thing”.

Sara had refused to take legal action against Ahmed despite the suggestion of many people

Sara says, ” I am confused. I don’t know who I have to trust. I feel so alone. I need my Ahmed. A Muslim person suggests me to adopt Islam to get the peace. I work in a Catholic facility and father don’t forget to advise me to read the Bible. Talking to any Sikh person who advice me to do the Gurbani prayer. Thank God, I don’t have any Hindu people working around me. Nobody tells me, Sara, it is good to be just being a good human which calls humanity”.

Sara says,” I am confused so I will rather go back in my cave. I know one day I will meet my Ahmed. He knows I love him. He knows how long I had waited for him in the past. So I will continue to wait for him. He knows I am claustrophobic so he will come soon to rescue me”. Sara has smiled and cried at the same time as she said that my Ahmed will come one day.

Sara is so scared since she had seen a red blood yesterday. She is continued to isolate herself from the rest of the world.

Sara looks at the sky and said,” my god lives over there”. Actually, she doesn’t know who is her God because humanity is her religion, “my bubby” is her prayer, and “Ahmed” is her prophet. Sara says, ” Good or bad but he is my bubby boy”.

It concerns because she knows the reality. How long she will live on this false faith.

She marks everyday on the calander which she has spent without talking to Ahmed. She don’t forget calling his office every day even she know that nobody will answer but she could feel the presence and sense of Ahmed sitting close to the phone. 

To be continued.

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