The Scary Red Blood

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Sara was found shivering in her closet. She was not seen like this since the past couple of weeks. She has refused to come out of the closet. She is so attached to her closet than any another part of her house. Sara is scared. It is hard to predict if she is mad or crying or just sad. She continues to look at the door as she expects for somebody to come. Sara has a blank look today. Before she needs to be sedated, it is important to write some instructions for her because she won’t remember once she wakes up. Sara faces recent memory issues due to PTSD, which could be resolved or get worse over time. So, Sara makes her important note for certain things which she does not want to forget if she faces permanent memory loss. She is psychologically weak but still stronger than the rest of us. She is a fighter. One day she will come out of this.
Sara says, “Do you remember how much blood we see every day. I never scared to see the blood. How many times a day I have seen blood oozing from the injured persons. I have seen blood shooting up to the roof. How many times I have seen a person cut in multiple pieces. Do I ever get scared? I get scared today after I have seen red color blood because it was related to my kid friend. It has scared me”.
Sara says, “I ran out of the emergency room. I know I need to pray. I need to go to God’s house. I have started the engine of my car. Suddenly, I have become confused. Where I should go to pray? Should I go to the church, the Hindu temple, or the mosque, or the Gurudwara? I have lived my entire life believing in humanity. Do good but no harm is my norm. Ahmed is my faith and his love is my worship. Humanity is my God. I am lost because all of it is gone”.
Sara says, “I came home and have picked up the urn from the top of fireplace and hugged it closely to my heart. I know that I need medicine than prayer. I have blocked all phone numbers, but I have left one number unblocked. I have turned the volume of my phone so high so I can hear the sound”.
Not to mention, Sara always kept her phone on silence since she bought the phone the first time in her life. Sara’s eye movement has slowed down which tell the medicine has started to work. I have tucked her nicely. Sara doesn’t need God because the Almighty is too far away. Sara just needs TLC (tender, love, and care) but who would come forward. Sara has lost everything in the war of love. Sara doesn’t need blood. Sara has seen enough, and she sees every single day at her work. She needs her Ahmed but not at the cost of somebody’s blood. Being a part of Sara and her best friend, I pray to God if there is one, please call Sara close to you and end her misery. This is her time to go but Sara is a fighter. Who knows what she needs to see more? Of course, she doesn’t like to see the blood. Sara has entered her cave entirely. Her cave is not a typical cave. Her cave is highly monitored and secured with the high technology. So, beware Foxes or Cats, don’t go close to her cave because the fire of Sara, could burn you badly or you will drown to the hell with her tears.
So, no more blood please. Peace. Rest.

Not end yet. To be continued……………..

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