The Importance of Relationship & Friendship

Having a good relationship with others is not an easy task. We could make friends very easily but keeping friendship with those friends is a hard task. Relationship and friendship are also very delicate, and it could be poisonous. A good friend could help to build the strength of broken friend. It does not matter one friend has broken physically or emotionally; however, a true friend comes forward to help the fallen friend. Not all the friend come in the same categories. On the road, you will find some friends who are very greedy, and they won’t hesitate to take advantages of your situation. They won’t take a two second to backstab you for their personal greed. You find those friends so sweet and very friendly, but actual they are the real foxes. They appear very friendly and so caring; however, the same time might be thinking about how to bring you down and how to destroy you. They will make so many promises which they will break in a couple of seconds for their own sake. Those types of friend won’t’ pay attention to how much you are suffering but they will continue with their bad attention. Those type of people does not have any humanity or any religions. This type of friend could sell their own family in the auctions. They are greedy and cleaver. They don’t hesitate to kill other people. Those people won’t even take a minute to insult their own love or husband.
There are many other good friends. They are so blunt. It seems fire come as they open their mouth. They won’t hesitate to tell you directly to hurt your feeling. They won’t backstab you but they would love to stab you on your chest. They would challenge or warn you. They won’t take a minute to express their anger. They would sacrifice everything for you. They give away but do not know how to take it from you. I will prefer to be friend this type of people. My Sara is one of them. I wonder why her life had been destroyed now because she had trusted someone. so, friends could make or break your life. Be careful before making a friend. Sara is blunt and she does have a capacity to say things on your face. Sara has the ability to challenge the person. Sara was friendly with everybody, but she had only one friend, “Ahmed” who she used to talk hours and hours. Her best friend, her soul, and her hubby bubby had taken away from her. While Salima was trying to declare Ahmed as a womanizer, Sara was trying to protect her soul from the enemies. How you can do to your own friend and family. Sara was in the state of confusion at that time, but some high authority person was listening to the conversation who got surprised to hear the conversation. The person told Sara, ” Why the hell you stuck with those type of people. It should not happen at all. I am not agreed with that. She will kill you emotionally so kid leave and go where you came from”.
In this dark era, the relationship starts to lose the tie and the real meaning. Words don’t count anymore. Sara says, ” why my soul husband left me? He has given his word to me”. The tear starts dripping on her cheeks. Sara says, ” why she (Salima) called me a young sister? Why she broke the promise?
Sara says, ” not all the people are bad. I don’t like to be friends of the bad people. I met many good people too. But I made them to leave. They deserve a better friend. I let good people go away from me. I am scared it would hurt me if they leave. See my bubby left me. He was so good to me”.
As Sara said my bubby left me. Her facial expression has changed immediately. You can see the pain of her heart on her face.
Sara is also confused about why religion or caste important in friendship or relationship. Is humanity do not have any value? There are some good people came in my life, but they always have questioned mark not being a part of their culture or religion. Sara appears a little confused while talking about the role of religion in the relationship or friendship.
Sara’s decision changes every hour. People have many expectations from her. She still has abilities to make the decision of someone lives. Her brain still works when she handles life-threatening emergencies. However, Sara always fails to make the decision when it comes to her own health or life. Then she looks for someone. She looks for her bubby everywhere. She comes out of her cave once a while but then she goes back right away when she could not find her Ahmed. Sara says, “it won’t bother me anymore when someone leaves me because my hubby had left me”. You could see the pain on her face and tears in her eyes.
Sara says, ” I don’t blame anybody. I am responsible”
Sara has given up all her friends today. Sara says, “no more blood. How much blood do you need to see more bubby? Why are you so coward hiding somewhere? I give you a challenge today. Face me.”

Today Sara has also let his new friend go away. The reason is very clear. Sara is afraid to loose. Her new friend has given some good advices. He have not asked anything back. He is a practical man but Sara respect him. Sara owe him so she let him go away. She knew her this friend has ability to stand by her. Sara is weak but not desperate so she won’t jeopardy his life. I owe you friend. Please forgive me.
Hmm, love and friendship have brought great destruction in someone’s life.
To be continued……….,

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