Sara Smiles But Cries Again

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Sara was fully concentrated to watch melting the snow when she heard a loud voice followed by somebody’s screams. Sara ran toward the trauma room and has started to do her job which she is sworn to do. The person laying on the stretcher in front of her was a gangster who got shot to the leg and abdomen multiple times. The glass door of the trauma room was closed but she could see outside the officer’s smiling and laughing. Many of them are known to her. Sara never has paid attention to any of them. The patient was continued to scream due to pain and of course some intoxication. The wounded was continue to cry like a baby. Sara left the room because the injuries were not life-threatening.

Suddenly she heard a familiar sound, ” hey doc, good to see your smile again”. She just looked at the firefighter but left without saying anything. Why Sara was smiling today? Is she really smiling? What date is today 16th of the month? Mostly Sara used to be in the plane on this date. No, she is not smiling because she is not on a plane to meet Ahmed.

Sara is happy since past couple of days now. However, the familiar fear is also somewhere inside of her, try to tell her not to laugh too much because you are not allowed to smile or laugh Sara. Actually, Sara has met somebody, ” A boring & mystery person”, who has made Sara laugh and smile. Her face has started to brighten again. Sara could feel, ” a little rebellion girl” when she talks with him. He is a very strict man who speaks a few words only. He is a very practical person. He likes talking about reality. He is not corrupt and he lives a simple life. Yep, he has called Sara with some new titles such as liar, fool, or stupid. Sara don’t mind listening those words because it was not said by that gentleman. Actually, those titles has given since Ahmed has left her. She could not say that once known as an intelligent and genius has lost her personality to her bewafa love. She could not say it that once known has a fighter has become the biggest loser due to her coward love. Sara won every race in her life even there were lost of obstacles.

She get used to listening those type of words. Sara never minds listening to those words. I am surprised how Sara has lost her ability to listen to all this. I am surprised to see that Sara has not put the gun on the gentle man. Sara has lost her love but lost her personality too. So standing in the middle of the trauma center, she took a deep breath and talked to herself, ” few more days when I will leave this facility. My love has taken my job so I am a few days of your guest. I have seen both good and bad day here but it is my time to leave”. Sara has cried and then she suddenly becomes sad. The smile has gone in a few minutes which she got from that nice gentleman. The straight forward man who don’t hesitate to speak the truth. It has made Sara think, ” why my bubby could not have the same courage to speak the truth”. Sara’s gentleman uses harsh words but those are actually true. This is the main reason Sara just smiles when he says something.

This gentleman, Ahmed, and Sara shares some common characteristics. The boring man has guts to speak the truth without knowing consequences. However, his job is the same as Ahmed but both has quite different. Sara and this gentleman both has lost someone who they have loved a lot. Sara hopes this gentleman is the person who could have not only sympathy but also empathy. To heal an injured person, empathy works perfectly to cure some body’s pain.

The gentleman is devoted to his faith. He respects Sara a lot. He teases Sara but she just smiles. In the beginning, she did not tell him anything but she could not hide it. Sara could not hide her feelings for Ahmed. She failed to hide her love for Ahmed. So she told the man reality. Sara is surprised why people so scared of him. Of course, after telling the reality, Sara drove 65 miles/hrs listening to her songs while tears have continued to drip down on her cheek. Sara has known that she has lost a best friend because of Ahmed. Just talking to Sara, people always understand her love for Ahmed even she won’t share anything with them. Sara, unfortunately, has lost a best friend due to her devotion to Ahmed. Sara has become a lone fighter again. Ahmed is gone but still, he continues to steal her favorite friends because Ahmed was his 4th thieves.

It is hard to find a gentleman like Sara’s gentleman. His pain could be worse than Sara. However, Sara was told, ” Apne Apne qismet”. People don’t make their own kismet. The god write the karma of each person before the child born. Sara is very thankful to the gentleman for providing her smile for a few days. Sara is sorry about his behavior. Sara thinks she has injured the soul of this gentleman. Sara wishes every man could have or learn from this gentleman. However, Sara already turned her feet toward the cave.

Thanks Gentleman and mystery mad, Making Sara laugh and smile for a few days. You are the perfect man in this world. Sara told her mystery which if you could teach your good qualities to everybody including your friends, nobody could dare to harm any woman

No doubt Sara miss Ahmed a lot. No doubt Sara love him from the bottom of her heart. Unfortunately, Sara slowly going back where Ahmed took her out of the cave. Look at the image, she is standing on the entrance of the cave. However, she waits for Ahmed to take her back. This is her dream. How about the gentleman/ However, she salutes her gentleman. A true and honest and modest person. God keep Sara’s new friend happy and healthy. God please give him my portion of life, good health, and keep him the way as he is now.

God bless you my mystery friend.

To be continued……………………….

3 thoughts on “Sara Smiles But Cries Again

  1. Nicely written quite suspenseful. Your character Sara is a lot like my Sara. Really enjoyed it!

    My loving adventurous Sara, is a Nanny…it has been quite fun. Thanks very much for following

    Liked by 2 people

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