The Perfect Couple

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After a long gap, Sara finally had met Ahmed in 2008 while he was posted @ Pahalgam, She looked at right away and she knew yes that is him. That time Sara had her own life. She did not pay attention to him but he used to come in his dream and always pulled Sara toward him. After that, Sara used to talk with him briefly but he kept pulling Sara toward the Valley. It was not lust. It is the love of two souls which was made to separate from each other. In each night, Sara used to dream about Ahmed. She used to climb the mountain, she had swum the ocean, and she walked on the fire. She used to become restless. Ahmed’ soul was pulling Sara to the Valley. Finally, The day came when two souls had met. She saw him for a long time. Ahmed has stood in the middle of the airport waiting for her. He had worn a green and gray plaid shirt with jeans. Sara recalls he was so busy texting her but she slowly walked and stood right behind him. Ahmed did not notice that Sara stood behind him a couple of minutes. She wanted to close his eyes but he had glasses on. He was totally busy texting Sara but he did not know that I was standing right behind him. All his bodyguards knew who is standing behind him. All of them kept smiling because they know their boss is here to pick up someone special for him. Yes, Sara met the other half of her soul. of course she crossed the ocean and climbed the mountain to meet his soul. At the airport, it was a formal greeting to each other. Ahmed did not like anybody else picks up Sara from the airport or dropping him back to the airport. Yes, often he accompanied her to New Delhi. He was so possessive to Sara but she was the happiest woman to be around his hubby. This was the day when both had got marry. Both of their soul was present when they decide to live their lives together. Their relationship had turned to the next level of husband-wife. She was surprised he got everything for her. He went to buy his basic daily things. Sara smiled and added, ” he bought tow chicken Sandwiches for me because he thought I am American and would like to have some American food. Sara is a down to earth woman who was born with a silver spoon her mouth. Everything always was taken care of the housekeeper. However, Sara was wondering who would help her. However, in the presence of Ahmed, Sara was taken care of well by her soul husband. Ahmed used to do everything for her. He always excited to fulfill all the role which she did miss in her life. He washed her hair. He combed her hair, he used to pack her luggage. Sara always becomes a little child when Ahmed was around her. He used to feed her with his own hands. He used to fix her clothes. He used to feed her with his own hands. Yes, Ahmed was not only hubby bubby but he also took another part of Sara’s life which she never had it. The fire of love, passion, and compassion was on both sides. Sara sometimes used to scare. But Ahmed always advised her to stay positive. He always advised to stay in the present and do not look for which has not come yet. Sara has a tremendous amount of respect and love for him. She makes sure he has his safety jacket on. She used to give him a big lecture if he forgets to wear it. Sara used to cook his favorite food. She never forgets to massage his feet and hands because it was always dry, and Ahmed has only one excuse for being busy. Both of them wait when Sara’s shift would over, so they can talk. Ahmed used to get upset if Sara gets late even 5 minutes. He kept calling her until she picks up the phone to tell him that she is in the middle of signing off. Sara remembers how Ahmed used to run against the time if her flight got late. Both of them were crazy. Both of them never went as planned. Once they just drove from New Delhi to all the way to Kashmir. They canceled their plane ticket. Both of them has enjoyed each other’s company. They used to talk an hour and hours. They used to hide in the room for a week just to talk. Sometimes Sara used to scare why Ahmed love him so much. She would become suddenly sad and then Ahmed always told her, ” why you think which never has happened. I will never leave you. I will never make you cry”. Ahmed used to get so upset if he noticed the sadness in her voice or tears in her eyes. Both of them has admitted that they are made for each other. They were each other’s first love. No doubt, both of them still love each other. Since they are separated, Sara’s tears never has been dried. She could feel sadness in Ahmed’s eyes. He pretends to look happy but she could feel his sadness. He don’t know she sometime standing so close to him. He is a blind and deaf so how he could feel her presence. Both has separated. Both of them are responsible. Sara refused to lie and Ahmed’s bad habit has played a significant role for the current situation. Actually, it is a beginning not a end. As Ahmed always used to comment, ” a perfect couple made for each other” while looking at their pictures or looking at the mirror together. To the date, Sara continue to protect her love but Ahmed still continue to hide the truth from his loved ones which include Sara too. 

To be continued—————–



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