About Sara’s Brother and Sister

Redemption, revenge,  avenge or hate is not the treatment of Sara’s sadness and pain which is given by her loved ones. Being with Ahmed, Sara got some relationship. She has got two relationships: one brother and one sister. My computer suddenly has crashed as I start writing this article, so I wonder why Sara’s life is crashed so badly?
Brother live somewhere whom Sara never have been met but has chance talking to him periodically. He attempts to support Sara different way which she is not willing to accept it. He cares about Sara but somehow, she won’t believe him. Sara and his godbrother’s thoughts are totally different from each other. Sara always wishes to have a brother, but it was never fulfilled. She never cares about it until now. She did not search for her brother. While Sara was searching for Ahmed, her brother was searching for her. He has found Sara. Ahmed was in his hit list so that is why her God brother was looking for her. However, He has changed his mind after talking to Sara. Her Godbrother has saluted Sara due to her feeling and love for Ahmed. He not only backed himself but also told everybody to back up so Ahmed would be safe forever. He has felt how much his sister loves Ahmed. Can you believe it? Ahmed’s enemy has given up just for Sara’s sake.
However, what her sister did? I will call her Salima. I will protect her identity because she is a mother of two little girls and Sara thinks that is her daughters too. Salima’s son Inayat who had gone to Almighty, unfortunately, is Sara’s best friend. His soul is stuck with Sara since this tragedy has happened. So, Sara won’t like revealing her sister’s real identity.
First, Sara thought her sister is so unique. She called her Di but the woman she called Di also have made Sara’s life more vulnerable. Sara has trusted her sister. She thought she really loves her. She really understands her, but it was just Sara’s false belief. Sara made a promise with her sister which Sara has willing to keep it any cost but Salima had stabbed Sara’s back. Stabbing on back means paralyzing forever because your spine controls the brain and brain controls the rest of the body. Sara’s thoughts and hopes are paralyzed due to her sister’s Salima. Saving her sister’s children, Sara has lost her own children. Is this Salima want from Sara?
Salima is a beautiful and educated woman and Sara used to respect her a lot but now has some question marks. Don’t think Sara is a stupid or crazy as she said earlier, ” I am not crazy. I just love him so much”. Sara’s love for Ahmed has taken as her weakness. However, Sara is not good either. Sara is also educated and brilliant woman. Ahmed knows very well about Sara that sometimes she does the things to see how people could cheap or down. Salima was not aware of Sara’s behavior. Yes, I would say that is not Sara’s good quality. Why she allows people to play with her emotions while she knows this is just the game of Politics. But Sara is Sara who looks for the quality and perfection of all the relationships. This is the reason Sara is alone today.
Anyway, back to Salima, she also played with Sara’s emotion. Salima did not think that she is playing with a dying soul. ” Salima is the very selfish woman I ever met. Her smile is fake. She is a sweet knife. she could not keep a promise” Sara’s eye filled with tears. Sara’s mind is like a little child when it comes to her love and feeling or about Ahmed. Salima’s selfishness could take Sara’s life but Salima never cared. Salima was just busy to save her social life. she was not worried about the future of her children. she was more worried about what people would think if Ahmed brings Sara legally and socially forward. While Sara was busy saving’s life, Salima was busy emotionally killing Sara. Salima has succeeded in killing Sara emotionally. However, with the help of Ahmed, Salina also took Sara’s job.
However, intelligent Salima doesn’t know that she was not his first choice. Ahmed never loved her which he has admitted to Sara many times. Ahmed loves only one woman, it does not matter where he is. Sara has come in the middle of family politics. Nobody loves anybody in that house. Nobody cares about anybody in that house. Nobody cares about anybody’s feeling in that house. Everybody thinks about social status and money in that house.
Love is replaced with politics. Can Sara blame Ahmed? Ahmed knows the game of politics and love; however, he decides to stay silent, deaf, and mute. Ahmed don’t know what it was Salina’s real promise with Sara. What she was playing a game of politics? Can you imagine the strength of the roof, if the boundaries of the house are lies on somebody’s blood and tears? There is a great difference between pretending and reality?
Sara laugh sometimes when she thinks about it. Sara continues to laugh until it turns into a loud scream. How Ahmed would protect the people who could not protect his own love and himself. The man could not be a man if he could not protect his own love.
Sara’s message to her beautiful and intelligent sister, ” The lies, cowardliness, selfishness, corruption, and killing somebody, would not provide you a better home and happiness. Killing somebody’s soul would follow you beyond the day of judgment. God wait and watch to see how much you could go down and cheap. My tears won’t bless you. The judgment day is on this earth because there is no afterlife. The god will make us pay in this life. I am paying right now but I will come out of it. Ahmed would pay the price and he won’t have a way to come out. Salina would pay what she did to her sister, but nobody would be around her to clean her tears.”.
Sara is learning how to live this life without Ahmed. She takes one step at the time. Both God and her godbrother helping her to come out the trauma. Sara is weak and confused but she is a fighter. Her brother believes it and Sara want to proof it that her brother is right. I wish to write more about Sara’s brother, but I am not allowed to write. I know he is an enemy of Sara’s country and Ahmed. But I salute him because he has not used his sister to get any information. He understands Sara’s feeling even he is against it. Who is best: A honest enemy or backstabber friend/family?

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