What Should be His Birthday Present?

Image from Flowersilkfactory

Sara looks outside the window. She just sees the white snow covering the land, then a country road. Her eyes just stuck on the railway track which she could see from her window. The Railway track and well-known noise take her back to the past as she heard the train. It reminds her of Ahmed who used to count the train’s compartment which always 80 or 102. While Sara used to make a coffee for him, Ahmed used to count the compartment of the train. It is passed at midnight, but she is fully awake. Thinking about Ahmed, what was fear in Ahmed’s mind that he had to leave his love of life in the tears. A person leaves the loved ones in the tears only when a great amount of fear strikes somebody’s mind. Ahmed has his own fear which he could not face sociologically. Does Sara know what Ahmed’s fear is?  But she wants to listen from his mouth. She used to read his mind and brain. Ahmed used to say, ” bloody how do you know what I am doing or thinking”. Sara had the same response, ” our soul is same so I could sense or feel it what you think or what you do”. So, why are so scared expressing your self, Ahmed? Are you afraid that Sara will ask questions from you, but you won’t able to tell her how fearful you are? Are you afraid to tell her the reality which she already knows?
The fear and greed always change the definition of many words. The cowardliness of Ahmed has changed the definition of man and bravery in Sara’s eyes. Sara asks herself, ” Who is a real man”. The real man is who protect his woman in each aspect of her life. The real man is who care and love his woman. The man is who don’t care about the consequences when he protects the woman. Sara is confused his bravo Ahmed is just a fearful man. The man is not called the man who is intelligent, held a good job, satisfy the woman physically or emotionally, or have some social status. The man is called the man who come forward to protect the woman. The man is a real man who comes forward without any consequences especially his own love to care and protect his woman. Ahmed has failed to protect his own love. Looking outside the window, Sara thinks what I should give a birthday gift. Every year, Sara used to celebrate Ahmed’s birthday. She used to cut the cake for him. She used to arrange the family dinner even nobody know whose birthday Sara celebrating. This year is something special and different, sad and happy. His birthday will be on the month of Ramadan when both were met. While counting the last compartment of the train, Sara smiled because she has chosen two gifts for Ahmed. She smiles as she left the window because she has a chosen a great birthday present for her loving man Ahmed, which would remind him of both the definition of real man and true love. Who is brave and who is a fighter? The person who hides or a woman who comes forward to shake the soul of her man. The brave Sara who is abandoned, broken, and shaken but still look forward to celebrating the birthday of her man. With her broken soul, Sara already has started to shop for a birthday present for her husband.

***************************To Be Continued****************************

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