My Way to Say Thanks to My Well-Wishers

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I have received a lot of blessing and encouragement from my friends, well-wishers, writers, and many publishers from the entire world. Everybody has chosen a unique and different way to encourage and support me. Some has liked my silly writings while others have expressed their suggestion or question directly to my email. One of the publishers has approached if he could publish a book; however, writing and publishing on the media allow me to ventilate my feelings. The secrets never remain secret if the master of the house is not enough strong to handle the situation. The secret leaves the house and becomes the gossip or sometimes a lesson to society. I am not a professional writer. My writing is dedicated to my two best friends. Unfortunately, both have lost the battle of life. My best friend Ahmed who was born on May 18, 1969, in a beautiful valley of Kashmir but unfortunately his soul has died on 11/23/2018. The body always becomes a machine without the soul. Once Ahmed was a highly educated and intelligent scientist, but the karma has made a top cop which was written by his luck or karma. Another best friend is Sara who was born on Oct 20, 1974, but her soul had died on 12/21/2018. I am just the mediator who writes about them what they had experienced and what they are going through currently. The relationship of both does not belong to this century or life. They take birth only to meet and then separate. In one life, Sara kills Ahmed’ soul and the Ahmed took his turn. So, this chakra view will continue until they meet forever. They born for each other and then die for each other. They love each other but on the other hand, they hate each other. This war will continue until many centuries. I am not sure how many times they would reborn and die for each other. It is not easy for them but they both are the fighters. Their love story was started somewhere in 14 or 15 centuries, which is continually in their own style. They always get separated physically but nobody could separate their souls. So Please wish me to bring each part of this unique couple so our future generation won’t forget what real love is and feeling, and what price we paid when we love someone from the bottom of your heart. Again, thanks everybody to encourage me bringing each part of this beautiful couple who are made for each other, but they cannot enjoy their life together. Living separately, they pretend to be looking happy. However, only God knows how happy actually they are.

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