The Incomplete House or Graveyard

Sara’s Real Grave Yard

Not many people are lucky to see their graveyard before their death. Not many people are lucky that their loved one build the beautiful graveyard. I am talking about the general public. Of course, king Shah Jahan had built the beautiful Taj Mahal for his wife Mumtaj which was ended up as their graveyard. Taj Mahal has become one of the wonders for the world and has continued to maintain its status for a long time. The king did not think that Taj Mahal would be ended up as their grave. Unfortunately, his son had buried him after killing Shah Jahan. It does not matter if the walls of the house are built from the brick or mud or wood but the voices always across over the wall. As our elderly said, Even the walls have ears. The voices come out of the walls only when the master of the house doesn’t know how to control the household. Then secrets are not the secret anymore.

Sara has seen her grave already. Ahmed could not build the Mahal for her, but he has started to build the small and beautiful hut for Sara. In other words, the symbol of their love and Ahmed’s desire to complete all Sara’s dream. She was so happy and excited to live in her hut. Ahmed had changed the hut into a small house, but the small house has ended up as a graveyard of Sara’s dead soul. No surprise that the house has changed to the graveyard.  Sara loves the house because Ahmed has built it for her. That was Sara’s real house. She owns a luxury house in the golf country club area. Sara never feels the luxury house was hers because her soul love did not build her luxury house. Do you know what is the emotional value of this house for Sara? The house is very small but priceless because this is built by her soul husband. For a woman, the real house is built by her husband. The small house is being built on the top of mountain proximity to the Lidder River. The Lidder River has a special place in Sara and Ahmed’s life because they have a lot of history there. Both had made all planning about the future together. Sara has been living in abroad at that time, but Ahmed kept her so close to the house while it is being under construction. He involved in her every decision he took it to design the house. She has seen from the ground-breaking ceremony until it was 80% ready for completion.  Once a while she went to see the house along with Banny and Inayat in her dream. Three of them often play on the snow and has a lot of fun together. On her birthday, 10/20/2018, she went to see the house with Ahmed. Both have taken many dreams to decorate the house. None of them knew the house would end up as a graveyard for Sara’s soul. What they will do in the future? How they will decorate it? The house is still in the process of building but not sure if it has already completed. That time Sara was not knowing that a beautiful house of her dream will be her graveyard. She wonders that Ahmed will ever step inside the house because the love and memories of Sara will make him crazy. Her soul won’t allow him to open the door.

Both Sara and Ahmed’s soul died on 12/21/2018. The cowardness of Ahmed had killed Sara’s soul, which often wonders in the house at top of the mountain. Her soul wanders with the souls of Banny and Inayat boy. She sits under the walnut tree and watches Inayat running behind Banny. As they are tired, Sara held Inayat’s hand while Banny wiggling his tail run faster than them, then wait so they could join him. You can see Banny’s mouth open and half tongue falling out of the corner of his mouth as telling to Sara and Inayat, “Lazy hooman could not have a capacity to compete him”. The three souls sometimes decide going up to the mountain, and sometimes they just go down toward the Lidder River. The building maybe already completed but the loving hut/small house of #Sara # Ahmed will always be incomplete because it is the graveyard of Sara’s soul now. Her body never to be physically buried under the walnut tree because Ahmed doesn’t have the courage to face the truth. He doesn’t have the courage to bury his loving woman under the walnut tree because he is a scared man. Sara continues to fight with everybody alone, but Ahmed is not strong enough to fight so he could not have the capacity to serve her justice. He could not provide justice while Sara still alive so what do you expect he would do when Sara is no longer part of the world. Sara knows her soul husband is so coward, so her soul is already there wondering in the hut, and on the mountain. Her soul sometimes roams around the Lidder River but her soul returns under the walnut tree to rest before dusk.

Ahmed has to make the decision if he left the house for Sara’s soul so she could play with her young playmates Inayat and Banny. The house will be never finished but the building is already completed. Yes, the house is not empty because Sara’s soul wonders over there. The wandering lone soul has many questions so she won’t leave easily. Sara has turned the house to her graveyard but who is responsible. Please don’t blame Sara because the master of the house “Ahmed” has become coward. Ahmed has physically thrown Sara away, but he doesn’t have the courage to throw her soul out her graveyard because he is not brave like Sara. She has her two young brave sons (Inayat & Banny) who always wipe off her tears. Three of them return to the walnut tree at the time of dusk but they always leave before the dawn. The master of the beautiful house has become deaf, mute, and blind. He has lost all his senses so what you guys can expect that Ahmed will bring her physically to the house as it was planned, or he won’t have the courage to face Sara. Sara’s wish that her soul husband would bring her dead body or remains from abroad and will bury under the walnut tree.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>To be Continue>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

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