Who is Responsible for Those Deaths?

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Sara woke up screaming. She often gets nightmares, but this was different. Sara is scared when she remembers, ” God makes a responsible person to pay the price of each tear which fell from a woman’s eye”. Sara’s tears never stopped. Her scream sometimes reaches the sky. Don’t you think that could be heard by almighty? Somehow, she feels guilty that her love life is responsible for the killing of those people. That massacre could be stopped if someone was going to believe her. She was going to lead them to the enemies. However, she was judged because of her love affair with a coward law enforcer. The higher authority thought that she might be trying to convince them to reach his coward love, Ahmed. Those people sitting safely in their offices have forgotten that Sara is just trying to cut the roots of militancy who has caused the destruction in her life. She tried to explain that how militancy did influence her life decades ago. Sara has tried her best to explain that if the militants had not taken the love of her life, so there was no chance Ahmed could betray her. However, nobody trusted her. She was judged and she was humiliated.
Is Sara’s town paying the price of her tears which continues to the date? Ahmed who once cleaned her tears to tell her that, “You are my first love. In my life, I felt incomplete until you came into my life. You are my soul wife. I will not live without my soul. I never imagine how will be my life without you. I can’t sleep without talking to you. I become restless without listening to your voice. My brain won’t function without looking at you”. Of course, Ahmed sleeps well and he laughs and talks even know what destruction he has created in Sara’s life. He knows how he has destroyed her little world. Ahmed lives without his soul now. He has sold his soul for his own greed. Not to mention, Ahmed has two wives: One was his soul and love wife while others were his legal and arranged by his parents. He claimed to be falling in love with her only. Sara always called herself tornadoes. But Ahmed is worse than her. Sara always destroyed her own life but Ahmed’s cowardness has brought destruction to his country. A top cop Ahmed is responsible to destroy 53 people’s lives in which one is Sara who is alive but as a dead person. How Ahmed could sleep and laugh while he is responsible for 53 people’s lives.
His own personal greed and being corrupt has created this situation. This was not going to happen if the brilliant cop has thought with his brain. He could save if he has chosen the right path by providing justice. However, He was afraid because of sin what he had done in the past. Sara was not sinned free either. She also did sins in her life. The first sin was she love Ahmed. The second sin she has trusted him blindly. Her third sin was more dangerous which has destroyed her completely. She refused to lie for Ahmed. She refused to compromise her certain principle, which has attacked Ahmed’s ego. How is dare being a woman you refuse to listen to me? Yes, she got punished for being honest. She has paid the biggest price of her sin. However, she did not know some other 52 people’s family would pay the price of her sin too. Love is blind so she could not see his corrupt side. She never spent more than a 7-10 days by his side so how she should know her soul husband is the biggest part of this corrupt society. But Ahmed knew how much Sara love him. He knew Sara will be shattered without him. He knew Sara won’t be able to survive without him. He knew how much Sara love him. However, He still abandoned her. He left her to die alone. In Past 8 weeks and 7 days, Sara has committed 7 times suicide and 3 car accidents. Some attempts she made with her own choice but some she was forced to do it. She is not sure if Ahmed wants her to die too. Sara did everything to protect her love. She did everything to find him, but he did everything to block her paths. Sara’s love was true, so she always finds her way to approach him, but she has stopped when she knew her Ahmed is a corrupt and the traitor. He is a fake. Her decision gets split when it comes to loving him. She still could not decide if she loves him or hates him.
Ahmed’s cowardness has killed many people in a bomb blast. Sara knew about this blast more than a month ago. She ran to stop everywhere but nobody listened to her. She was judged and she also gets humiliated. She put her life in danger to bring the information, but nobody cares. She has reached to the top authorities, but they had also judged her mental status because of Ahmed’s influence on the authorities. Those brilliant people have forgotten sometimes a person could learn from a mentally sick person too. Sometimes a mentally ill person could guide or provide the clue to save the destruction. The history is witnessed when an autistic kid had broken the American homeland security code while just playing a game while genius could not figure out the game of numbers. Sara approached everybody she could including one decorated army officer. The army officer replied her back that “Govt will take care of it” it makes her laugh that Govt could not take care of it since the past 72 years. Sara felt sorry for that brilliant and decorated officer thinking, how the hell this officer doesn’t know the current condition is due to our corrupt system Everybody has blocked her number as they came to know what Sara’s relationship with Ahmed is. Actually, it was Sara’s fault too because she introduced herself as part of Ahmed which is also true. She was and she is ever part of Ahmed’s life.
Sara was an alive witness to bring the enemy down before and after the attack but nobody belief or don’t want to believe her. a person who presses the trigger of the gun is not the real killer. The killer is who make them do it. Ahmed and his entire team are responsible to answer those families which have lost their loved one. Sara has given up fighting the day when one senior officer has blocked her number when she was trying to provide the info. She has given only half information. One army man was killed, and one senior officer was wounded. However, they were not really targeted. The target was somebody else. It was not a coincident, but it was pre-planned to do during mopping. It was unfortunate for those families, but it was not Ahmed’s own family. Sara wonders how he still sleeps and laughs after being responsible for this massacre. Sara does not care what people think but she thinks her love is responsible for this massacre. Her life was not only destroyed by a corrupt system but also other families too. Other families have lost their loved one. The govt would take care of them financially. They might offer them a good job. How about the feelings of the widows, support of elderly parents, and love of sisters who will bring those back? Many children have lost their fathers who will come forward to play with them.
The price of one innocent kid is 40000-50000 Rs; however, it depends if any of kid belong to the rich or poor family, the price of their future could be different. However, sometimes parents pay the price of from their pockets and sometimes they must borrow from others. Parents are making arrangement for the payment to the corrupt system meanwhile their children get beaten up and humiliated it by the system. Do you think those kids when get free would go to the school to become a doctor, or engineer or a police officer? No way, those kids are the one who becomes militants or the suicide bombers. Why we blame our neighbor when we make our own terrorists. We share the society with those corrupt and monsters who get awarded killing innocents or raping helpless women. There is a chain system of corruption which could never be broken so ordinary people could not get justice. So, Sara could not see any more this corrupt system, she went back where once Ahmed had taken her out. She loves her cave. She feels more secure and safe in her cave.
How Sara got this information? A woman once never spoken to anybody and never left her house but where she got all this information. Sara is totally distracted and hard to bring her back to reality. Even she knows the reality, but she was not readily accepting it. After destroying Sara’s little world, Ahmed was so busy to enjoy his life. Sara has adopted risky behavior because it has hit her badly. Ahmed knew that well that Sara loses everything that day. Sara was in a false belief that Ahmed is in trouble. So, she has started to search for him. She came out of her cave and started to find the well being of her love. Sara was in search of Ahmed, but somebody  else was searching for her. Ahmed has created a lot of enemies, so those enemies were looking for Sara to use her. Sara did not know when she had virtually crossed the border in the search of her love. Sara could not find Ahmed, but enemies were able to find her. Sara not sure if she was just messenger for them. Sara will rather give her life than betraying her country. Sara has noticed that the other side of the border was more honest than her own country’s people. They were greedy but not for the money or fame, but they are greedy to achieve their goal which they are called, “Jihad”. Is our corrupt system being ready to fight with honesty? Sara is afraid her country will wail just like her one day because people like Ahmed are the guards of this country. Sara knows what the price is when one militant cross the border. However, she did get all information with proof. Sara once loved the uniform, now scared to see the uniform. She has lost trust and faith in the uniform. Once she was ready to give her life for her country but looking at a corrupt system and injustice, she just went back in her cave of isolation. She took a lot of things with her such as bewafai, hate, mistrust, PTSD, and double personalities, and depression. She has become paranoid that everybody in this world is fake.
Many people will continue to die until corruption and injustice continue to buy honesty. The innocent will continue to become the victim if Ahmed like officer continues to be in charge of the safety of people. How he will protect or save the people when he failed to protect his own love? How he will provide justice when he let his own woman get humiliated and insulted. Once he was sworn to protect the public and then he swore to protect Sara, which he failed. The man who afraid of a woman how he would protect the border of this country. He is just a small part of this corrupt system so the one-person army could not do anything. The corruption is everywhere from the lower level to the upper level. Sara was shocked to see the corrupt system. She is not more worried about her love. The public should not worried about the internal corrupt system. The soldiers who are standing on the borders without eating in the cold should worry about the higher level of intruders as one of our neighbor countries had shaken the hand of peace so a lot of people will be job free there. Those people must go somewhere so Sara’s country is the next target. It is not a matter of Sara’s love anymore, but it is a matter of the security and pride of the country. Sara feels guilty that her love is responsible for those killings which are true because she was judged otherwise those people could be saved. She has already gone back to her cave but she requests to the authorities, “just leave your personal greed for few seconds, and think once about the country”.

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