He Was Not Just A Dog

My Banny Boy Better than Many Humans

I used to have a germ phobia so I had always loved animals and birds from a distance. I always used to get comments that I had kept my house clean and neat like a model home. Everything must be in the right place. House should be spot free. So, keeping 4 legs in my house was out of the question. However, one morning my children came to me and had given me an option to choose from a dog or a pool. So, I had chosen to have a dog than the pool because it was much cheaper than building a pool in my then house in CA. Fortunately, somebody at my work wants to give his dog away. So, one weekend, I went to see the dog along with my children. On my way, I told kids not to keep your hopes up because we were just going to see him not to bring him home so we would decide later.
As we reached my colleague’s house, a huge above 100 Ibs black and white border collie dog who was wiggling his tail, came and exactly sat in front of me, and kept looking at me. I was muttering in my mind, ” Can you look somewhere else” but he kept staring at me. He was a husky but a beautiful dog. I did not want to bring him home, but both of my children were not ready to leave without the dog. Finally, I had given up and thought it might keep them busy. Both children had made an agreement with me that they would take care of him. The huge and beautiful pup who was only one year old at that time, was known as a Bandit. His name was just according to his personality.  He did love stealing the food and of course everybody’s heart too.
Bandit had lost his biological and human family in the wildfire of California, so he was the only survivor who had made through the fire and forest. He was laziest worse than my son. He loved eating. As we brought him home, he ran into the back yard. Outside was so hot so I did not want him sitting under the apple tree. I tried calling him, but he refused to come inside. I was afraid to leave him in the back yard due to the heat. However, Bandit had already made his mind not to come inside so three of us had to push him inside the house. Not to mention, afterward, we always had to push him outside so he could relieve himself. It had taken only one-day to Bandit making his journey from the back yard to the living room. After two weeks, kids were done playing with him, so Bandit became only my responsibility. He was a loving boy but very intelligent too. He knew how to get the things especially from me. The border collie breed is very smart. In Europe, the border collies were/are used to protect the herd, so they have the tendency to control you if you have failed to control them. Of course, Bandit took his genetic and hereditary rights very well. So, within a month Bandit had made his permanent place on my bed. His favorite place was sleeping on the top of pillows facing toward the fan. Nobody could take the pillows or fan away from him.

It took us a couple of months to improve his habits. He was overweight so we had to put him on the diet management regimen which he did not like it all. He liked jumping on the trampoline. So, controlling his diet and exercise program helped him to drops his weight to 65 pounds which was the average weight for him. he loved drinking water. The most interesting thing, he loved stealing. One afternoon, I had baked the chicken and put it on the top of the kitchen counter. As I returned after taking a shower, I did not know how I should react as I see him eating chicken while holding the entire chicken between his two feet. Of course, he did sit on my light beige color sofa so now you could imagine what I was thinking about that time. I asked him why you did this Banny boy? He completely ignored me.
Banny had kept all of us together. Both my kids used to come directly in my room looking for him. Since Banny had gone I remind them their mother just live next room from them. He hated to take a shower, but he loved going to the spa. He was everybody’s favorite at the spa. Sometimes the girls at the spa used to make a tattoo on his hips. He used to get colored bandanna on his each visit to the spa.
We are still surprised at how he knew the timings of each family member. He used to bark in my ears if either of my kids were running late from the school. He loved his blue color pillow which was torn from many places, but he won’t let me throw it away. It did not matter how many new pillows we bought for him. My son had given me a nightstand fan on Mother’s Day but sooner it has become Banny’s property. He loved sleeping in front of the fan. I am not quite sure if he understood the TV show, but he won’t let me turn the TV off. I saw him staring at the TV. I attempted a couple of time to turn the TV off to see his reaction. He continued to bark until I turned the TV on.
People say never give a dog sweets or chocolate due to adverse effects on the dog’s health. However, Banny enjoyed eating sweets and chocolate until he died. He loved riding in the car. He used to make Starbucks run every day. Everyone knew what he would like to have it. Somehow, he always used to manage come to the driver seat to take his favorite treat “whipped cream”. Banny could not go out with us for our weekly dining out but we never forgot to bring  his favorite treat which mostly ended up ” chocolate chip cookies or strawberry cheesecake”. We used to see the brightness and happiness in his eyes when he was done eating his favorite treat.
He hated  the rain and scared from the thunders, but he loved to play in the snow. He had to pee every five minutes so he just could go outside to play in the snow. He loved hiding half of his face in the snow. He was my luckiest doggy boy who always kept me smiling. He was very caring. Anybody got sick Banny won’t hesitate to wake rest of the family in the middle of the night. He loved going to my kids’ room to just throw their trash cans upside down.
Banny loved family time. He always sat in the middle of us. You can see the happiness on his face. His eyes would be brightened. More than 1/2 of his tongue would be hanging out of his mouth. He loved enjoying the company of guests even the guests won’t enjoy his company. He loved barking at the other dogs. Banny was excused if he would make any mistake.
Banny had given us a lot of happiness and kept all of us together when he was alive. On 09/28/2018, Banny took his last breath in my arms. He did suffer from severe hip dysplasia. None of the medicine was working on him. It had become hard for him to go up and downstairs, but he was stubborn enough to stay down. It took me more than one month to decide that he need to go for good. However, I always had changed mind when the time came to take him to the vet’s office. I felt as I was taking my biological son to get killed. Anyway, my kids had made the decision and the appointment, but I was given the ultimatum, ” mom with and without you”.
I shivered when I heard the ultimatum. I looked at Banny who was sitting under the dining table. I noted the tears in his eyes. He looked at me. I felt as he was trying to tell me, ” Mother don’t  be selfish. It is my time to go. I deserve dignity and pain-free life”. Three of us had taken him to the vet. I held him in my both arms while I had kept my lips on his forehead. As the nurse injected the intravenous access on his foot, I held him tightly and  screamed out of my lungs. Banny had stopped moving as the nurse pushed the two different injection.  I did not know when Banny took his last breath as I was passed out for a few seconds.  
We arranged for his private funeral. We got his hair locks and paw prints. His ashes came one week later which I had kept on the fireplace. Banny was gone so as the peace of the house. The house is quiet and no fun left. None of us had courage taking his ashes so we could put into the river. Every day, I just look at his ashes without saying a word. But Banny knows what mom is trying to say, ” you were best than many Hooman”. Banny still doesn’t forget to come in my dream. He was 13 years old when he died.
God give my Banny boy a peace. Give him a lot of love. Give him a lot of chocolate cookies.
Miss you my dear Banny Boy.

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