Zia’s Coward Man

The image from Quotemaster.org

Zia’s warrior died fighting for his country. Zia left the country not to return. She never forgotten her warrior, ” Abu”.  She used to write him every day, and then made a paper boat of it, and then she used to launch the boat into a lake, had become Zia’s routine.  This was the only way she used to convey him message, which was her belief. The memories were wrapped in her subconscious mind. She always tried to remember it, but she could not recall it. However, it used to come in her dream during. In her dream, she used to chase him.  Zia’s life had adjusted in her own world, which was limited to her two kids and later she added a dog whom she treated as a son. She never went anywhere. She was friendly with everybody, but she had never made a single friend. Her home and work were the only places where she loved to go. Often Zia had become restless. Somehow it was in her brain that Abu would return in her life in the form of somebody else. Zia never had value the time and time did not wait for either. 

She often felt a strange feeling that someone was pulling her toward the valley of her dream, which is also known as a paradise. Yes, Abu has returned her life not from the heaven but from her native town. She had lost faith and trust but why she trusted him. A man came in her life who she waited forever, have some similarities like Abu. I would call that man, Ali. My reader may know who Zia’s love was. I will give his little introduction. He is a handsome and highly educated. He is a well-known top cop.  If she ever has felt the love for someone, he was Ali since Abu was died. She was never going to bring him in her life if she knew what his real face was. People has two face: One show the reality which we see only when the game change while other show what another people want to see. 

Zia has trusted and loved Ali beyond the limit of someone’s thinking. Yes, in 14th century, people could call her love similar to Heer or Laila. However, the definition of love and feelings has changed as the world changed with the innovation of technology and science. Her love for Ali got a special definition which is known as a craziness. No doubt, she is a crazy who has believed someone blindly. Ali has brought Zia out her little world, have shown many dreams, then Ali has decided to destroy her life because she could not hide the reality. She could not compromise with the honesty. How dare Zia took this step, Ali has changed dramatically in a second. He just claimed couple of hrs ago that he even could think living without him. Yes, He is a coward man who destroyed Zia’s life completely. Zia could not take it because she loves her from the bottom of her heart. I can’t believe it when I heard she still love him so deeply after he has destroyed her completely.  She still worried about him.  

Zia has two types of feeling for him. In one second, she thinks, “oh no, he is my love. I cannot live without him”. However, in the other second, ” I hate him. He is a coward person I ever met”. I am agreed with her second statement. Yes, he is coward person who could not protect his love. He has left her to struggle alone. Once he was her protector but then left her to get humiliated. Why he has left a woman alone who was his soul wife? Why he destroys her life? Okay nobody has courage to ask him because he is a top cop, and a part of corrupt system. Nobody could provide her justice.  Ali is a selfish person who just want to protect which one was only materialistic instead of saving someone’s love or feeling.

Zia came out of her world to see only destruction. She lost everything. She has lost her faith, trust, pride, and love. This is not only the end, it is justice beginning. This was tragedy on the top of tragedy, love of warrior to a coward person, and new wounds on the top of old wounds. All this took toll on her both psychological and physical health. Her true love has taken away whatever was her little world. He did not stop only destroying her physically and mentally but also took her job away. too. This is the price of true love, being honest, and speaking a truth. I am not sure if Zia would ever dare to speak truth again her life, or she will ever choose a path of honesty because she has just paid a biggest price. I doubt she will never trust anybody if I really know Zia from her childhood. 

How person could be so unfaithful, coward, and selfish. Yes, You can feel that when you look deep into Zia’s eyes where you would find a story of coward, injustice, and selfishness. 


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