An Honest & Respectful Cop

Certain things are very hard to find nowadays such as honesty, reality, and justice. I mostly say, ” Honesty, reality, and justice all together run away from this planet”. Every profession has been somewhat got influenced by corruption. However, the law enforcement department is completely drowned in corruption and injustice. You will find a very rare example of an honest and respectful cop in my native country. unfortunately, from a lower level to a higher level is involved in this process. I don’t want to disrespect many of friends who are in this profession, but it is a reality. So, I thought to share a rare story of a cop who I met two decades ago. Sometimes, we could forget the good work of somebody. It is not forgotten, and it is hidden somewhere inside of us, and it comes out of us suddenly. The reality and honesty pay its price, but some take a while to get the result. It may suffer us in the beginning but in the end, it shows us a good result. sometimes we live to see it and sometimes others see in the absence of the person who has performed that good work. Not all the people are same but certain things have become rare as dinosaurs.

as my mother said I was born to be rebellion. We were moved to JK to Punjab in the thought of getting some relief from the terrorism. But it was a mistake or terrorism just has loved me enough so has decided to follow me wherever I move. As everybody knows there was also blood scattered in Punjab for more than a decade. The game of politics or sacrifice for religion but it will stay mystery because of many of us not ready to listen to the truth. Some of them won’t accept the truth and some of them will not bring the truth forward due to fear. Anyway, this article is only dedicated to a young policeman who just got his first posting in my town after passing his IPS exam.

I was forgotten about this cop until now. Recently I have attended a medical conference where I got a chance of having dinner with some former and current colleagues. It was a good night for all of us. Away from stress, job, and of course home, it was a good dinner. One of my colleagues has got the ideas to share if we did something crazy or we were in trouble with law enforcement. Everybody shared their stories which include the use of marijuana and drug possession, or theft. so, everybody has their dark sides. I was not a saint either. Everybody was looking at me when my turn came to tell the story. The story which was hidden inside of me more than 2 decades. The forgotten story was hidden inside of me due to the stress and struggle of my life. The story was lost somewhere in the back of my mind and brain during my journey from an East to West. It was hidden deep due to my own dilemmas of life and stress. But it was the day when eventually this story has come out of my unconscious mind to my lips.

I was a young rebellion girl who mostly had created trouble for others and myself during my teenage years. Of course, raised on another side of the world compared to my co-workers, my story was a little different getting trouble with law enforcement. My father was on his death bed. I am was 16-17 years old. My cousin had some conflict with my parents due to family property. I was sent to the boarding school due to terrorism and family problems. I was only allowed to go home once a month for only one Saturday night. The boarding school was very strict with their policies. I arrived at the home and witnessed my cousin insulting my bedridden father who was so helpless to get out of the bed. My father has raised me as a tomboy. He never regretted not having a son. He always treated me like both son and daughter. My father was a very peaceful person. he was a hero of my life and has learned many good things. How I could tolerate the insult of my father? both of my cousins were at least 20 years older than me. I do not get angry easily. This was the matter of father’s respect. I could not control my anger and have beaten up both cousins. I got so heavy on them that one had ended up in the hospital with my multiple ribs fracture. Nobody expects my father and then my late uncle knew that I was highly trained and was a black belt holder both in Judo and karate. So, I got heavy on both cousins. I could see a weak smile on my father’s face. However, my mum was not very happy that her daughter had beaten up her own cousin. I think everybody knows how much people the capability has to ignite the fire. So, one of cousin ended up in the multiple ribs fracture while another had a nose fracture. My cousins had filed a report in the local police station against me for battery/assault charges. There are lots of people in each neighborhood who encouraged my cousins to file the police report. So, my angry cousin did file the FIR against me. My mother wanted me to leave the town, but I refused because I was not very happy to lose my one-night pass to stay at home. Early morning, my father’s condition got so worse, so my mother had to take him to the hospital where he got admitted.

Early AM, I heard somebody knocking on our main gate. A young policeman was standing in front of the door with the rest of the team. The office did introduce his name, unfortunately, I totally forget his name. The officer was so nice, but his bodyguards were not so nice. They looked me like I was their boss’s girlfriend. I was alone at home. The police officer could arrest me or disrespect me. I was standing middle of my front yard and was numb. Too many thoughts came in my mind. Will he be arresting me? and mother will kill me? 100 questions went through my mind. I offered the officer tea but also told him that I don’t know how to make it. I told him, my mum is with my father at the hospital, and the housekeeper had not arrived yet. I want to drink tea badly. Do you know how to make it”? He laughed and of course, he did make tea for both of us. We chatted while sipping the tea. Finally, he asked, ” why you took the law in your hand and why you did not call the police. Do you know what would be the consequences if I handcuffed you and take you to the police station? How the entire life you will face a social stigma? He talked very politely. Before he left my house, he had given me advice not to take law in my hand anymore; otherwise, he would not hesitate to arrest me. He also advised me to stay away from that tomboy style. he advised me to pay attention to my study. He dismissed the case. We did have a very decent conversation about life, study, and society. My case was dismissed but parents got so scared and started to decide what they should do. I had never seen that officer again. I had passed my high school with a distinction and got a 5th place in my entire state.

After a year and so, I was shipped to America. Living, surviving and succeeding is not as easy as many thinks. The American land provides you an opportunity, but you must work hard to get the chance. My life had become so complicated. American life was never my dream. But nobody could fight with karma, so the time had passed quickly. You do not require anybody’s help or you don’t need to bribe somebody to achieve your goal. Survival and success depend on your hard work, passion, and compassion. My life was not easy. More than 2 decades had gone. The journey from victim to survivor, a single mother, and paramedic to the emergency room healthcare professional was not easy. However, I never did compromise with my dignity and pride. However, I had forgotten my past life completely. My rebellion behavior, attitude, being stubborn, and stress had taken me completely away from my native country. Still, I am not able to recall certain years of my life. Of course, I forgot that honest and respectful officer. as writing this article, I have approached his department to get his information. I am not quite sure if he is still an honest person or he also got crumbled in this corrupt system. Does he succeed in his life while maintaining honesty and being so respectful? It makes me thinks now what he would arrest me or disrespect me where I will be standing in life.

In my native country, a woman gets arrested and charged was a social stigma. I wonder where I would be if he did arrest me. Where I could be? Maybe somewhere in my native country, fighting with corruption or injustice, or I might be totally against the law, or I might be dead. I hope God will provide me with the opportunity meeting to that officer so I can say thank to him.

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