Wait or Move Forward

Nine weeks already gone but it feels like nine centuries are gone since her life had ended. She called you today. She could recognize your voice. You hanged up on her, then had turned your off. She felt helpless as usual. She could not say a single word. Her tongue has stick to her throat. She felt as she has choked on something. Tears came automatically. Somebody had advised her two options: wait or move forward. Where she should move forward. She feels your presence which ever direction she turns her head. She could see you in each direction. She could wait for you as much as her body would allow her. Waiting means killing herself slowly. Somebody has spoken the reality that you are killing her slowly. You have treated her as a halaal animal. Yes, she is a woman who is in the process of being halaal. You had actually treated her as animal so no surprised she has given this title. No doubt how much pain you have given her. She just tolerating well. She is just doing her duty toward you. Sometimes, it hard to know if she is crying, sad, or what. Some people say we have not seen anybody who love some body so much as she does. Everybody has given their own suggestions. She is just mum. She always makes her way to reach you, but you always closed her path. She tries again and again until she found another way. Her love is divine which exactly come from her soul. I wish being lucky as you are. She faces many questions, but she always gets trap when ask any question to herself. She wishes begging from the God, but he always closed his eyes on her. Where are you? Why are you keeping yourself away from her? Is she really an animal? Have you just played with her? can you become a man to protect your love? Can you show some humanity? Her brain gets tired and exhausted thinking many questions. People may be started to run away from her because she always has same questions from everybody. Where he is? Why he did this to me? She has lost everything. Her world is ended since he is gone. People says one day you will realize losing a noble soul. I doubt you would because this world is full of people like you who never cared about others. Right now, her turn to cry whatever she lost. She lost being an honest. She has spoken a truth and God has given a punishment to her. Do anybody believe the God? You make her feel guilty. You make her feel orphan and useless person. You are in the process of killing her. you are doing intentionally   because you know her life will be miserable without you. She tries to finish her life many times but nobody knows why she still alive. She will wait for him forever. But why you have abandoned her and make her orphan?

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