The Perfect Devil on the Earth

Image taken from Spiritual and Satan blog.

A devil or the devils has been arrived at the earth and already have controlled the humanity. They have brought demons with them. They have already controlled the human soul and brain. They have become the part of this human society. The human has not stopped the devils when the devils tried to intrude the human’s house. The human has failed to control the evil side of devils. You don’t see the devil with horns on his head wondering among the human. The best way to recognize the devil is by his or her action. The Devils’ actions are full of crimes. Even the God and angles have known the actions of devils, but they have been kept ignoring it. This is way only God wants to end the humanity. Do you think if a very first step of the action was stopped by the human, the devil was able to take his next step? I doubt the devil was able to take the next step if one of us has a courage to stood against him or fight back. We are afraid of the qualities of devils because he or she could easily harm the human. The human has done not have trust in each other’s, and they have a lack of unity among them. The Devils have started using the weakness of human against them. The human has allowed the devils to control humanity due to his or weakness such as corruption, crime, injustice, greed, and fear of losing something.  Remember the God will forgive the sinner but about who covers the sins. The devils do the sins and human are the one who covers it. On the day of judgment, God would not say anything to the Devil, but the human who tried to hide the sins will get punished. As we know the Devil is the son of God who controls the hell, who has left the hell and came at earth to punish us. This is the time now to save our humanity.

Everybody has his or her own demons and of course the devil. I have my demon who lives inside of me and come out time to time. Everybody has their demons, no doubt. As my demon came out and had always left many unanswered questions behind me. My devil is a well known highly educated, well-known law enforcer, polite, honest, and brave man. However, he has also another face which shows the real behavior: Cowardness, rapist, and kidnapper. First, he used me psychologically, physically, and financially, he abused me physiologically and physically, and then he kidnapped and raped me both emotionally and physically. Actually, I was not his first victim.  I knew after it happened to me there was also another victim before me. He chose his victim very carefully. Most of his victim has some types of weakness so he uses his victims’ weakness to come close to them or force them to come close to him. His victim had come in the public a decade ago, but nobody had taken any action. I did not know because I was too far geographically that time. Actually, his superior had rewarded him. This is a justice of former country which was once known as the land of God and Goddesses. I had seen how my devil cleverly had explained the demon just sitting in front of me when I was his in his prison. I still remember the exact location where he sat and what he told the demon. Yes, He has a demon who is also his partner in the crime. First, my devil has killed my soul, dignity, and pride. He took everything away from me including my country. Then he had turned me to his demon who has continued to toucher me until now. Everybody knew what he did including this his superiors what nobody had done anything as usual because justice is blind. People are afraid and coward. There was no single human who could come forward to tell that devil about his wrong-doings. My devil will not hesitate to tell you that he has done with you because he has already chosen his next victim already. His partner “Demon does her job very well to explain to you. There is already another victim in the line. I am trying my best, but I also have become helpless in this corrupt world.

My devil has done permanent damage in my life which could be never recovered. I had lost myself. My entire little family has influenced this incident. The action of the devil has also killed a dedicated mother in me. His action has made me a walking dead soul. My devil hunts me in my dreams now. I afraid to sleep now because a nightmare of my devil and demon come when I sleep. I woke up screaming and calling my devil’s name loudly. This is an endless curse my devil has given me. I really who should I blame The father of devil which we know him as God, or the devil himself, or the entire humanity who don’t have the courage to do anything.

One thought on “The Perfect Devil on the Earth

  1. Hello Mannu, thank you for following me, it’s pleasure to have you on my blog, having a nice day? what have you don’t today? are you a writer? great post here, sorry for my bad english, hoping to improve with time!

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