About The Modern Wife

A man at a high-level job come home after meeting his superiors and some political leaders, and of course some ordinary people. As he arrived home, before even he gets relaxed, his wife starts screaming and yelling at him. The voice is sharp and loud which reach each corner of the house. She threats him…Read more »

About My Marriage

In old timings, people used to have arranged marriage. It always creates curiosity about how those marriages are successful. My marriage was arranged and never fell in love with the man whom I was married for 7 years which I often named it, “An agreement”. He asked before he died if I ever love him.…Read more »

About The Soul Mate

What is the real meaning of soul mate? Everybody has its own definition or meaning. She always knows her soul mate lives across the ocean and mountains in the beautiful valley. Two people fell in love when they see each other or meet each other but they still get a chance to know each other.…Read more »

About Her Father’s Principles

                In one sunny morning, a father has returned home from Russia. He looks at her little daughter. He hugs her so tightly. He bought her favorite doll and fur hate for her from Russia. She is so happy, and there is endless happiness in her mind. In the evening, the father talks to his daughter.…Read more »