My Black Valentine

My first valentine with the broken heart. Last year, I was so happy. This years could not stopped my tear. My valentine is not with me. As usual I tried to contact him however, all roads which leads to him are closed. so I just made my way to celebrate my valentine. I pretend he…Read more »

An Honest & Respectful Cop

Certain things are very hard to find nowadays such as honesty, reality, and justice. I mostly say, ” Honesty, reality, and justice all together run away from this planet”. Every profession has been somewhat got influenced by corruption. However, the law enforcement department is completely drowned in corruption and injustice. You will find a very…Read more »

Wait or Move Forward

Nine weeks already gone but it feels like nine centuries are gone since her life had ended. She called you today. She could recognize your voice. You hanged up on her, then had turned your off. She felt helpless as usual. She could not say a single word. Her tongue has stick to her throat.…Read more »

Wondering Where He is

I wonder what he is doing right now. I wonder if he thinks about me. Many questions come in my mind if he ever thinks how I spend my time without him. I wonder if he ever thinks how miserable my life is? Does he know how I wonder searching him everywhere? I just wonder…Read more »

God’s Desire From A Lost Soul

After reading Coach Muller’s article, ” Why Would God Really Wants Me?”, make me thinks what the reason I am still alive. After the betrayal of my loved one, I feel the same way that why I am still on this earth. I am not sure why I am still alive. I don’t have the…Read more »

The Perfect Devil on the Earth

A devil or the devils has been arrived at the earth and already have controlled the humanity. They have brought demons with them. They have already controlled the human soul and brain. They have become the part of this human society. The human has not stopped the devils when the devils tried to intrude the…Read more »

My Weakness is my Confusion

My weakness is my confusion or it is another way around.  I am confused which is making me a weak person. I am not born to be a weak person. A person becomes weak when he or she is in a search of reality or truth. Sometimes a human gets trapped into his or her…Read more »