My Henna Just Belongs To Him

A typical tradition of “Henna Day” one day before the Indian wedding is very common in the USA. Last time, I had henna on my hands with his name in July 2014 which is already shown on this blog. Today, A young girl who is hired by the bride side of the family has painted…Read more »

About My Name

Often I and him used to discuss what should be my name. He suggested many but both has agreed on Sara. So, my fellow bloggers, I have adopted Sara Altaf Khan legally, mentality, and now publicly. My dedication for my love will remain the same as was before. Not many of us have courage taking…Read more »

My Monday

Everybody talks about Monday. After resting on weekends, nobody like going back to work on Monday. Most people work 9-5 jobs except the few departments works 24 hours, 365 days, and 7 days a week. Everybody should appreciate those people who works in those department such as firefighters, law enforcements, an emergency medical team, and…Read more »

Mother’s Day. Where is SSP Khan?

Flowers from Kashmir Sara is very sad. Asking herself where is Ahmed today who always told her,”I am here for you. I am everything for you”. Before mother died, God has given Sara’s responsibility to Ahmed. He was very happy and always has made promise to do every role in Sara’s life. Sara laughs and…Read more »

Sadness and Restlessness

She smiles and then suddenly become sad. Slowly restlessness starts to follow both sadness and smile. Since this morning, she continues to miss something. She wants to go back there where she had lived with Ahmed. The month is early but Ramadan is the same. She was with Ahmed at this time. She plans to…Read more »